20% Cost advantage.

It’s worth it even with 100 EUR monthly spend.

Google Shopping
CSS Offer

Reduce your Google Shopping ad spend by up to 20%, leveraging the benefits of the CSS system. Our offer is ideal for clients looking to spend a minimum of 100 EUR per month.

Who is it for?


If you are a webshop owner.

If you spend 100 EUR every month in Google Shopping.

If you have Customers in the European Economic Area.

What is CSS exactly?

Through Google CSS Partner, a 17.5-20% cost advantage has become available for Shopping campaigns, which as an advertiser, brings you noticeable results in days – either less ad spend, or same ad spend- but reaching more people!


Monthly spend

  • Spend e.g. 10 000 EUR a month
  • Leverage the cost advantage.
  • Increase efficiency with up to 20% (2 000 EUR).

Cost-based monthly fee

Our services are built on your ad spend. All we ask in return is a 1% fee. If you spend 10,000 Euros if you spend 10 000 EUR, your cost for the service will be 100 EUR. But of course, as soon as the service starts working, your costs will be less than  10 000 EUR.

It's totally worths it over 100 EUR/month

To sum it up, it worths it on multiple sides financially. If you spend around 100 EUR every month, then it’s already effective, since with the service fee, it’s still less than you would pay normally. And of course, the higher your budget is, the more you can spare. 

Why Markestic?

We have examined multiple CSS providers, and based on many aspects, we have partnered with a UK-based Google CSS provider, through whom we have the possibility to leverage this advantage in every country of the European Economic Area. 

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We also provide other services

Would you be interested in some of our other services besides Google CSS? Look no further! Markestic is a full-stack performance marketing agency. We are at your service if you are looking for various solutions in ecommerce or lead generation. 


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If it's a no-brainer cost advantage, how come everybody isn't using it?


  • On one side, not everyone is aware of it.
  • On the other hand, for accounts with lower spend, not every offer is beneficial. 

Is it hard to activate the service?

Not at all.

  • You don’t have to start a new Google Ads account.
  • You don’t have to setup a new feed (product catalog).
  • If you already have an agency who manage your Google Shopping campaigns, you don’t need to leave them.

Who will have access to my account?

  • The Google CSS Partner only needs the feed in your Google Merchant Center to start Shopping ads through ther system. 
  • Therefore, there’s no need for either Google Analytis, nor Google Ads, nor any information form another platform, they don’t need access to any information. Just of course, your feed.

We have worked out a deal for our clients, that is way more beneficial, than the currently available solutions. 

Interested about the details?
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