We are almost done!

There’s only one step left to do before activating the Google CSS service! We have to prove to our partner, that you want to be a partner, for real. No worries, we help you to write the email with the form below!

If you are ready, please send the email to our team member (from an admin email address in your Google Ads account!), zsolt@markestic.com, so that we can manage the activation of the service.

You can provide every detail we need for the contract by the following contact form:

(After filling out the form, one of our team members will contact you about signing the contract)

Email Message

Please send the following message to zsolt@markestic.com:

I, , give my permission for my existing Merchant Center to be converted into a Shoptimised CSS Merchant Center.

Please can you complete the process of converting the  Merchant Center ID  to become a Sub Account of the Shoptimised/Crowd Shopper CSS Merchant Center ID 137508803

Confirm full URL:

Do you currently use Google Smart Shopping campaigns?