Reach your customers
using Paid Search Solutions

By using Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing solutions, we can help you target those who are ready to make a buying decision. Whether they are on Google Search, YouTube, Gmail or just in the Google Display Netwok, we are able to find and target them.

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Why search ads?

Google is your friend!

Just like you share your everyday questions with Google, other people do too –  you can gain advantage and use Google Ads to reach those who are ready to make a purchase, or you can help them make a decision!

Real-Time Analytics

Tech giants provide you with real-time data, which helps you to learn more about your customer’s way of thinking, how they use your site and what is a trending topic for them.

You Are In Control

You can choose where you want to appear, for which keywords, how much you want to pay. Paid Search Ads are a wonderful playground for testing various ad text, messages, keyword strategies, etc.

Let the numbers talk

We believe in Search Ads. In the past 7 years we have mastered our skills, now we’re ready to scale up your business! We are proud that we have…



Milllion orders

We take the burden off your shoulders and help you with



We’ll review your Google and Facebook measurement systems based on your company’s business perspectives and suggest areas for improvement.


Landing Page Review

Landing pages play a key role in the success of campaigns. We will review your sales page and help you improve!

Measurement settings

We set up your measurement systems so that you can make decisions from the most accurate and relevant information possible.

Advertising account setup

Whether your product and service portfolio consists of up to one million products, we help you design the msot effective account structure to suit up your strategy.

Campaign Optimization

When you start your campaigns, the optimization process benigs. Our specialists are constantly optimizing your campaign. If you grow, we grow! Our goal is to make your business successful!

Campaign Adjustment

We set up search ads to find the keywords that best match your business. We also set up YouTube, Display and Google Shopping campaigns. We will help you find the best marketing solution!


We make the results measurable with a data-driven attitude: at the end of the campaign period, we analyze the performance in the form of a comprehensible report, thus showing how the campaign has achieved compared to a given benchmark. 

They Have Already Trusted Us

Who Are we?

We are a team of professionals passionate about helping our clients succeed. We work with senior digital marketers, we get direct support from Google, Facebook and so, we use state-of-the-art marketing softwares and tools, and we all own shares. Our key focus areas are online lead generation and eCommerce.

Based in Europe, Markestic helps small as well as large businesses in online marketing solutions all over the world.

In the last 7 years, we have been managing top-tier, large advertising accounts and campaigns, which generated millions of website visits, millions of transactions and lots of satisfied clients.

Our Mantras

  1. Numbers don’t lie.
  2. Live up to our promises.
  3. Always excel in what we do.
  4. Have fun

We are perfectionists.
We love digital.
We are fun people.
… and we constantly do our best to help our clients optimise, grow and scale. 

It’s a partnership.
If you grow, we grow, too.

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Leverage the potential of Search Engine Marketing!

Generate More Transactions!

Appear in Search Engine Result Pages, and reach those users who are ready to make a buying decision!

Save Time!

Taking care of the keyword research, setting up campaigns, optimizing can take up a lot of your time – but don’t worry, with our years of expertise, we are here to help you out!

Be Cost Efficient!

In Search Engine Marketing, you pay for every click – with a well-built measurement system, you can make this channel trackable and optimizable – and we can help you with this!

Why do you need us?


We help you choose the right strategy.

You can trust our experience with Google Ads – we can help you choose which platforms you want to use in your campaigns.


We are up-to-date.

Google and all the other platforms are constantly evolving. We keep track of these changes so you can start using the latest features as soon as possible!


We have experience.

We work with many clients, many tools and in many countries – this enables us to have a general view of the most beneficial tools for various industries. If a strategy worked somewhere else, we test it for your business as well right away!

There is no such thing as a great agency, just great people in agencies.

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